Most Common Reasons To Hire A Wrongful Death Lawyer In Redlands CA

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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There are numerous causes of death that can happen at any age, but wrongful death is among the most frequent incidents. When investigating the cause of someone’s death, one of the potential possibilities is that it was wrongful.

Wrongful death refers to any death caused by negligence or a wrongful act. The key difference between wrongful death and murder or manslaughter is the presence of intent. Wrongful death occurs in the absence of intent.

Medical Malpractice

There are various situations where medical malpractice or negligence can result in wrongful death, such as a pharmacist administering the wrong drugs or a physician failing to provide adequate treatment. Although there is no intention to cause death, the incident could have been avoided. In such cases, a wrongful death lawyer in Redlands CA can assist the family in obtaining compensation.

Negligence by a Company or Corporation

When a business, company, or corporation is responsible for an individual’s death, the only legal remedy available is wrongful death charges. Since a company is not a person capable of having intent to harm, it cannot be accused of murder or manslaughter. Therefore, if a person dies due to a defective product, the company can be held liable for wrongful death.

Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause fatalities due to various factors such as poor driving conditions, operator error, and negligence. Though accidents can happen, wrongful death may arise from such events.

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