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What You Need to Know about Social Security Disability Insurance in Temecula, CA

A person’s worst nightmare might be confirmed when he or she finds out that an injury or disease keeps him or her from sustaining gainful employment. If enough time has been put in work, the person will be able to see if he or she can qualify for social security disability based on the medical condition and the ability to work. An attorney who represents clients who have a case for Social Security Disability Insurance in Temecula CA wants clients to be abreast of all they need to know. Here are some of the facts potential clients need to know.

Facts about Social Security Disability Insurance

When a person applies for social security disability insurance, he or she usually does so either by applying online, over the phone or in person. Either way, a disability determination associate will take the information, assess it, pull medical records, look at work history and decide if the claimant is entitled to the disability insurance. This is usually not a short process, and could take months for the Social Security Disability Review board to make a final decision.

More Facts about Social Security Disability Insurance

The claimant can appeal the decision of the disability review board, but must do so in a timely manner, lest the time for the appeal expires. This would be the time to secure the services of an experienced disability advocate or attorney who can go over the case with a “fine-toothed comb,” and help the claimant to fight the appeal. If the claimant can bring anything new or overlooked in his or her case, it may help the disability attorney have ammunition to win the case for the claimant.

A Disability Attorney in Temecula, California

Eric R. Hunt has been providing clients in the Temecula, California with various disability solutions who are either applying for social security disability or long term disability. Clients may also find that they can be approved for Medicare and Medicaid through getting approved for the disability. If there are any parties applying for Social Security Disability Insurance in Temecula CA, the attorney is available to help. Find out more by visiting the attorney’s website.