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Questions Personal Injury Attorneys in Tucson, AZ Can Address About Construction Accidents

In Arizona, all construction companies are required to mitigate common risks associated with the work site as well as the perimeter that surrounds it. These companies must follow all state and federal regulations associated with completing these projects in heavily populated areas. Personal injury attorneys in Tucson, AZ provide help for any injured in or near a construction zone.

Why Are Warning Signs Necessary in Construction Zones?

The construction company must place signs up to 1,500 feet from the construction zone to warn residents about any hazards that could present a risk of injury. The signs must also be placed around the entire site to warn passersby about the dangers of entering these areas. Failure to place these warning sites around the work site could make the company liable for any injuries.

Who Is Responsible for Securing the Perimeter of the Site?

The foreman who is managing the existing crew is responsible for securing the entire perimeter around the construction site. This includes placing barricades around the area to prevent residents from entering the work site unlawfully. Failure to secure the perimeter could result in an accident claim against the construction company.

How Are Injured Workers Assisted?

Injured workers are covered under the company’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. The policy provides medical payments for all treatment required for these injured workers as well as monetary benefits provided during their recovery.

Are There Safety Regulations Associated with Using Explosives in Construction?

Yes, all construction companies that use explosives in their construction projects must warn the public through a warning in the local newspaper. The information must provide local residents with the exact time in which the explosive will be used to mitigate the risk of injury.

In Arizona, all construction companies must follow regulations related to the type of project they are conducting. These regulations are in place to lower the chances that local residents or workers will sustain personal injuries during these projects. Victims who were injured during a construction accident can contact personal injury attorneys in Tucson, AZ through Price and Price Law Office and schedule an appointment right now.