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Questions to Ask Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ferndale, WA

Facing criminal charges is not something to take lightly. Without legal representation, the chances of being found innocent are lessened. The best move is to hire a Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ferndale WA and listen closely to what the legal counsel has to say. Along the way, it doesn’t hurt to ask a few questions. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

How Bad Is It?

Depending on the severity of the charges, the accused party could be facing a bleak future. One of the Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ferndale WA can provide the client with an idea of what the judge could do based on the scope of current laws and legal precedents. Along with the nature of the crime, there is the matter of the client’s past record. When the crime is not violent, and the client has a clean record up to that point, the judge will have more discretion in providing a lighter sentence.

Keep in mind a conviction is the worst case scenario. The attorney will use every legal means to ensure an innocent client does not end up in jail due to the actions of another party.

Do I Have to Tell All?

While the client may not be guilty of the charges, there are some events that could be interpreted in more than one way. The client may be tempted to not share those events with the attorney, possibly out of a sense of embarrassment. That’s the last thing the client needs to do.

Even if the client is not sure the information has any real bearing on the case, the best move is to share it with the attorney. Rest assured attorneys have heard just about everything, so there is no need to be embarrassed. In addition, it’s important for the legal counsel to be prepared in case the prosecuting attorney brings up that same information during the trial. By knowing about it in advance, the ability to render the information harmless is much greater.

There’s no time to waste when criminal charges are filed. Contact The Law Offices of Michael K. Tasker at once and arrange for a consultation. Starting the defense strategy as soon as possible enhanced the potential for a positive outcome.