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Reasons Defendants May Delay Applying for Professional Bail Bonds in Tyler TX

People who have been arrested are anxious to get out of jail as soon as possible. In some instances, however, they may wonder whether it’s better to save the money they would pay for Professional Bail Bonds in Tyler TX and wait to see if a favorable outcome is forthcoming quickly. That might mean the charges are dropped or dismissed.

Reasons for Delaying Release

Arrested persons can wait to obtain Professional Bail Bonds in Tyler TX as long as they choose to — if they can handle being in jail. They may believe the chances are very good that the prosecution will drop the charges before filing them with the court, or that a judge will dismiss the case at the first hearing. If this does not happen, they can always apply for a bail bond after this so they are free before trial.

Possible Early Favorable Outcomes

The prosecution can drop the case if evidence is not strong enough. The arresting officer also has this right if it turns out the reason for the arrest was in error or inadequate. If the prosecuting attorney finds the evidence to be credible and files charges with the court, a judge may not agree with this view. A judge can dismiss the case.

Avoiding the Service Fee

The point of waiting is to save the money that would otherwise be spent on a nonrefundable bonding service fee. Bail bond services typically charge 10 percent of the cash bail amount, so that can be substantial when bail is set high. Bail at $25,000 would typically require paying $2,500 for a bond fee. People who strongly believe evidence is lacking for their arrest and criminal charges may decide to keep the money and stay put for now. Their attorney may have explained why the defense case is so strong.

If the Case Continues to Proceed

If the favorable outcome does not occur and the case proceeds, the defendant now may contact a company like Strike Three Bonds. Often a close friend or family member arranges for the bond because it’s more difficult for someone to do this while behind bars. You can connect with them on Google+ for more updates!