Retaining Competent Injury Lawyers to Negotiate a Fair Settlement

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Accident Lawyer

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When you have been injured on the job, you may think that you have to accept whatever amount of money and paid time off that your employer wants to offer you. You think you should be grateful for not being fired or having to live with lost wages while you recover.

However, under your state’s personal injury laws, you may be entitled to much more than what your employer is offering to you. You can negotiate a better settlement by hiring one of the experienced Naperville injury lawyers to represent you.

Pursuing a Lump Sum Settlement

When you would prefer to be done with your employer as soon as possible, you can have your attorney work out a lump sum settlement for you. This settlement can compensate you for monetary damages like your lost income and medical expenses. It can also pay for services like physical rehab or mental health therapy that are necessary to help you heal fully.

This settlement can likewise buy out the remainder of your contract and provide you with money to live on for years. The offer may even keep intact health and life insurance policies that you purchased through your employer.

Your attorney can also pursue annuity or recurring payments that can sustain you while you heal. You avoid having to go without money to support your family after the accident. Find out more about Naperville injury lawyers online. Contact the Shea Law Group today.

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