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Reviewing Causes With A Bus Accident Lawyer In Charles County, MD

In Maryland, bus accidents could happen for any number of reasons. However, the exact cause of the accident determines which party is liable for a victim’s injuries. The public transit service is responsible for liabilities related to the bus itself. A bus accident lawyer in Charles County MD could provide clarity for claimants who are injured during a bus accident.

Impaired Bus Drivers

The first concern after a city or county bus accident is to determine if the driver was impaired. Common conditions that lead to impairments are the consumption of alcoholic beverages and exhaustion. The driver is tested for alcohol via a breathalyzer test, and officers will assess the driver to determine if he or she was exhausted driving.

Failures to Obey Traffic Laws

A failure to obey traffic laws is another concern that could lead to a bus accident. The liability for the failures falls on the driver just the same as if he or she was drunk driving. The driver would be identified as at-fault, and he or she would face the full liabilities of any injuries sustained during the accident.

Improper Bus Maintenance

The city or county that provides public transportation via bus systems must maintain the buses according to state and federal regulations. A failure to maintain the bus properly leads to liabilities for the official who oversees bus maintenance. The victims could also file a claim against the city or county.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

Dangerous weather conditions could present certain liabilities for the county or city. Common road hazards could prevent some liabilities if the conditions were unforeseen. However, if the city or county was aware of incoming severe weather and didn’t shut down public transport systems, they are liable for all injuries that occur during a bus accident.

In Maryland, public transportation is managed by a city or county transit system. The buses must be assessed regularly for any possible hazards that could lead to an accident. All bus drivers must be assessed for any unlawful behaviors that could cause an accident as well. Victims of a bus accident who need to hire a bus accident lawyer in Charles County MD can contact us right now.