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by | Apr 3, 2018 | Legal Distribution

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In New York, landlord and tenants must follow the current laws when starting a lease agreement. Each party must review the terms of the lease and comply with the terms until the lease is no longer valid. A failure to comply could lead to legal action. A Landlord -Tenant Attorney Nassau County NY provides legal assistance for landlords and tenants.

Consent for Background and Credit Checks

It is unlawful for any property manager, landlord, or rental property owner to conduct background or credit checks without consent. The applicant must sign a consent form before the assessment is performed. Any instance in which consent wasn’t provided and the applicant was denied could lead to legal action.

Discriminating Against Applicants

Landlords cannot deny access to a rental property due to any prejudices or personal beliefs. An applicant cannot be denied access to a lease due to race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. However, properties are restricted if they were designed for low-income families, single-parent families, or the elderly. The applicant must be informed of the restrictions before application. A Landlord -Tenant Attorney in Nassau County NY provides legal assistance when applicants become the victims of discrimination.

Claims for Unlawful Evictions

An unlawful eviction occurs when the landlord doesn’t give the tenant an adequate amount of time to repay any outstanding rental payments. Typically, the terms of the lease enable the landlord to start evictions if the rental is ninety-days late. The landlord cannot lock the tenant out of the property or withhold the tenant’s belongings. A 30-day notice is provided before the landlord can take any legal action against the tenant.

Injuries Due to Hazardous Conditions

Rental property owners could become the defendant in a personal injury claim if the property were hazardous. If the tenant or a member of their family sustains injuries in or around the property, a legal claim is possible.

In New York, landlords and tenants are required to complete the terms of the lease agreement. A tenant cannot be evicted unless he or she violates the terms of the lease. A landlord cannot be held accountable for a tenant’s belongings for an event that wasn’t their fault. Tenants or landlords who need legal assistance contact a Landlord and Tenant Attorney Nassau County NY through Business name in Nassau County NY right now.

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