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Reviewing Medical Malpractice In Douglasville, GA

In Georgia, doctors that injury their patients are guilty of a medical malpractice due to a lower standard of healthcare. Federal laws prohibit doctors from providing subpar health services regardless of their personal beliefs. A local attorney helps patients review cases for Medical Malpractice in Douglasville GA.

Finding the Origin of the Patient Injury

All medical records and documentation are retraced to find the exact origin of the patient-related injury. The type of injury defines what details are most important to the case. For example, a surgical error leads to an incident report that explains how the doctor repaired the injury. All details are vital to show liability.

What Doctor Caused the Injury?

On medical charts, all doctors who have treated a patient must sign and complete notes on the chart. When tracing the injury, it is vital to determine what doctor caused the patient’s injuries. He or she is the defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Was It an Act of Malice?

An act of malice is often linked to a doctor and patient who knew each other previously in a known professional manner. It also relates to any patient-doctor situation where the doctor intentionally injured the patient due to a personal belief, prejudice, or deep-seated anger toward the patient. It is these circumstances that make it illegal for doctors to perform procedures on family members, current or former romantic partners, and anyone who presents a conflict of interest.

Any doctor that is found guilty of an act of malice or gross negligence faces criminal charges and will be punished to the full extent of the law. In the criminal case, the state can force the doctor to pay restitution. In a civil case, the doctor must provide punitive damages to the patient, if the patient wins their case.

In Georgia, doctors face medical malpractice cases when they fail to provide their patients with high-quality health services. The law prevents doctors from lowering their standards according to their personal beliefs, prejudices, or negative feelings. Patients who were injured by their doctor can Visit our website to learn more about Medical Malpractice in Douglasville GA right now.