Reviewing Social Security Disability Law In Luzerne County, PA

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Lawyers

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In Pennsylvania, disabled individuals file claims to obtain Social Security benefits. The payments provide financial assistance for individuals who aren’t able to work due to a physical or mental condition. A local attorney explains Social Security Disability Law in Luzerne County PA for claimants seeking benefits.

What Does the Bureau of Disability Determination Do?

The Bureau of Disability Determination helps the local Social Security Administration. The bureau evaluates all incoming claims and determines if the application presents evidence of a disability. Their assessment establishes if the claimant provided adequate information about their condition. Any application that provides adequate information and clear evidence is forwarded to the SSA.

What Programs are Available to Disabled Individuals?

Social Security Income is a program available to disabled individuals who never worked. The program provides payments on the first of each month based on the current rate. The program requires extensive information about the claimant’s household income.

Social Security Disability Insurance is a program available to disabled individuals who are no longer able to work. The rate of pay is based on how much the worker has accumulated through their work history.

What is the Essential Process Required for Applying?

First, the claimant submits their application with clear information about their condition. The SSA schedules an appointment with a general medicine doctor and a psychiatrist for the claimant. The applicant must attend all scheduled appointments. The doctors send their findings to the SSA for an assessment. If the claimant is approved, the agency provides details about their payments and when the claimant can expect the first check. If they are turned down, the agency sends a letter explaining why the claimant was denied the benefits.

In Pennsylvania, disabled individuals receive Social Security benefits when they aren’t able to work. When applying for the benefits, the claimants complete an application and provide information about their condition. Medical records are often included with the application. The records provide adequate evidence for the claimant and support their claim. Applicants who need help with Social Security Disability Law in Luzerne County PA are encouraged to contact The Law Office of Robert D. Elias and schedule an application right now. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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