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Reviewing the Requirements with an Accident Lawyer in Sacramento, CA

In California, accident victims have the right to file a claim to collect damages. These same rights are extended to auto accident victims. A failure to provide coverage through an auto policy presents a liability for the at-fault driver. An accident lawyer in Sacramento, CA helps victims seek monetary damages.

Identifying the Accountable Driver

The details provided by law enforcement through the accident report identify what driver was responsible. All drivers involved in the accident must submit this report to their insurer. The document is helpful when proving fault in an accident claim.

How Medical Records Help

Medical records establish a direct connection between the accident events and the injuries. The records provide full disclosure about the victim’s injuries, and the court needs this information to validate the victim’s claim. It is evidence that they were injured in the accident itself.

The Doctor’s Testimony

The victim’s doctor provides testimony during the court appearance and explain the medical evidence presented. A full assessment of how the injuries affect the victim’s life is provided to identify permanent injuries or disabilities, and to determine the estimated recovery period for the victim.

The severity of injuries and recovery duration affects several factors for the victim. It determines the value of medical treatment needed altogether, and it defines a rough estimate for lost wages associated with the accident and the victim’s injuries.

What Did the Victim Lose?

The attorney must show what the victim has lost due to this accident. This could include their job due to an inability to return promptly, which, in turn, leads to lost wages and future earnings for the victim. A disfigurement could affect them mentally as well as physically. The loss of limb also takes away their quality of life.

In California, accident victims retain the right to sue the responsible party. However, California law enforces a three-year statute of limitation for these accidents. A failure to file a lawsuit before the statute runs out results in a forfeiture of these rights. Victims who need to hire an accident lawyer in Sacramento, CA should contact Lawyers Sevey Donahue and Talcott for more information.