Serious Pedestrian Accidents Require The Help Of A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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Although drivers are supposed to obey the rules of the road and yield to pedestrians, they sometimes are distracted or incompetent in their driving skills and end up causing serious injuries and even death. When a pedestrian has been seriously injured, they have the right to pursue the driver who caused their injuries and damages. It is crucial one protects their rights and gets the legal help they need through a pedestrian accident lawyer, who can help the injured victim pursue the driver so they can be fairly compensated for the injuries they sustained.

When an injured person seeks legal help through a pedestrian accident lawyer, they need to be prepared to provide substantial evidence and information. The burden of proving a case rests with the plaintiff, which is why many people seek to hire a lawyer so they can rest assured they will have the full legal guidance they need in pursuing their claim. A lawyer can work with a private investigator to ensure enough evidence is gathered so the case can be proven in court.

If the driver who is held responsible has insurance, the lawyer may work with the insurance company first. If this pursuit proves fruitless, the lawyer has other options of settling a claim such as filing a court case. Some cases are settled fairly through the insurance company though this is not always possible. Should the lawyer determine the settlement being offered is unfair, a trial may be the best option.

In a trial, the jury decides who wins the case and how much compensation is offered to the injured plaintiff. The jury will carefully review all of the evidence produced by both sides to determine the outcome. The lawyer will work to pursue the win for a client to ensure they are fairly compensated.

Injured pedestrians can find the legal assistance they need by contacting Edwards & Bullard Law, and through this law team, injured victims can receive the fair compensation their injuries deserve. Call the office right away so you can schedule a consultation appointment to learn about your legal options and to get started on your pursuit. You can also watch video on YouTube chanel for more information.

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