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Social Security Appeals Process

It is estimated that two thirds of those who apply for Social Security disability benefits are denied. This can be very frustrating as the benefit package may be a significant part of your income. Although it is frustrating, it is far from the end of the story; you have every right to hire disability lawyers in Oak Ridge and challenge the decision and lodge an appeal. There are three levels of appeal;

  • A request for reconsideration

  • A hearing before an Administrative Law Judge

  • A review by the Appeals Council

Why would your application for benefits be denied?

Although there is always a chance of a clerical error, the majority of claims that are denied are done so because some aspect of your medical condition was not properly supported or because your physician was not clear which in turn led to a misunderstanding on the part of the Administration. In many cases, disability lawyers in Oak Ridge will identify areas where additional supporting data is needed to ensure approval.

Disability hearing:

Rarely will a denial of benefits be overturned by requesting a reconsideration of the initial decision, the greatest majority of successful appeals happens when you and your lawyers plead your case before an Administrative Judge. During the hearing you can submit additional information, submit affidavits and bring supporting witnesses. In many cases the ALJ will also bring in medical and vocational experts as well. As your lawyer will have been involved in many hearings, he or she will have a very good idea of what to expect and prepare you in advance to answer questions from the Judge and the experts.

If your claim is once again denied you can take your appeal one step further, you can request that the Judge’s decision be reviewed by the Appeals Council.

If you are claiming for disability benefits or your initial claim has been denied you will be better off to hire disability lawyers in Oak Ridge to help you with your appeal. You are invited to discuss your particular situation by contacting the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Visit us at our website for more details.