Starting A Divorce With A Lawyer In Walker, MN

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Lawyers

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In Minnesota, divorce petitioners must follow a wide variety of laws to complete their divorce action. These laws include equal division of the assesses as well as making determinations about child custody. These petitioners must also determine if it is possible to acquire an uncontested divorce based on probable actions of their spouse. The following is information about starting a divorce with a Lawyer in Walker MN.

The Divorce Grounds

The divorce grounds reflect either an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or some form of a fault-based allegation. The most common fault-based ground is infidelity. The petitioner must provide clear evidence of an extramarital affair to use these divorce grounds. This may include photographs, video footage, and call records. They can also include text messages and any video-based communications.

A Reasonable Agreement

A reasonable agreement reflects an equal division of the assets. Typically, individuals who owned property before the marriage will retain ownership of these assets. However, if their real property became the marital home, each party is entitled to the property or funds generated from its sale. This also includes a division of funds that are in bank accounts in either party’s name. Alimony is also discussed in the agreement if one party doesn’t receive the same value in assets. Educational programs to increase earning capacity may be awarded to some individuals instead of alimony.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support is also included in the agreement. The parties must agree to this arrangement in order to push forward with the divorce. The arrangement must provide each party with equal time with their children. This includes alternating weeks or weekends in which the children stay with each parent. It also includes equal time on holidays and during summer vacation.

In Minnesota, divorce petitioners must examine probabilities that could lead them to a contested divorce. These procedures require them to make choices about custody and property division as well as alimony and child support values. Petitioners must provide a summons to their spouse to inform them of the divorce. Petitioners who are ready to start a divorce now contact a Lawyer in Walker MN or Find more information today.

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