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The Importance of a DWI Attorney in Royse City, TX, to Retain Child Custody after an Arrest

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated is a troublesome matter for anyone, but it can have more severe consequences for people in certain circumstances. An example is someone who is in the midst of divorce proceedings and could be at risk of losing child custody if convicted. An attorney in Royse City, TX, who handles DWI cases, can help. It’s essential to minimize the impact of this arrest so the ex-spouse cannot use the incident to change custody arrangements.

Texas takes drunk driving seriously; it is a criminal charge in this state. Even for a first offense, penalties can be very harsh. If convicted, the person could be sentenced for up to 180 days in jail. The driver’s license can be suspended for up to two full years. These issues alone can easily lead to someone losing custody of children. An additional factor to consider is the financial cost. A DWI conviction is expensive, with a possible fine of up to $2,000 as well as a steep hike in automotive insurance premiums.

Judges are allowed some discretion in how severe a penalty they assess, and an attorney in Royse City, TX works to convince the judge to issue the most lenient penalty allowed by law. In Texas, for a first offense, that would mean three days in jail and license suspension for only 90 days. The parent has a much better chance of retaining full or partial child custody in this situation.

Someone arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol also can improve the situation by voluntarily enrolling in substance abuse treatment. This shows the person’s determination to resolve any dependency on alcohol and to never again drive after drinking. Judges can be impressed by this behavior.

A firm such as the Law Offices of Tim Hartley will do everything possible to have the charges dropped altogether or have the case dismissed by a judge. Sometimes, law enforcement officials make technical errors that can lead to these favorable outcomes. However, when that is not possible, having skilled legal representation can lead to a significantly better outcome than if the person acted as his or her own lawyer. To seek assistance from this attorney, see the website website name.