There has been a Recent Death in your Family and you need a Probate Lawyer in Rockford, IL

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Lawyers

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Your dear sweet maiden aunt just passed away. She lived to be 98 and had a full and lovely life. She left several copies of her latest will with family members. As the sister of your mother, all the kids from your family have been close to Aunt Jessica. She had no children of her own.

She told you years ago that she had rewritten her will and that you and your oldest brother had the most recent copy of that document. You have tried to reach out to the attorney who prepared her will but he has passed away. Now you have to find a probate lawyer in Rockford, IL.

Your aunt’s will seems pretty complicated to you so the probate lawyer in Rockford, IL must be experienced and skilled. You asked the attorney you use for the family business who he might suggest and he has given you a couple of possible lawyers for this probate issue.

You think of probate as a complicated, drawn out process that will keep you in court for years. But after talking to the first recommended lawyer, they tell you that is usually not the case. In fact, they tell you that your aunt’s will is a pretty open and shut case.

In your state, probate cases are somewhat different than in other states. Aunt Jessica appointed you as the executor of her will and with the help of a lawyer you will follow all the steps required by the state. In Illinois, you will also have to verify that the will was hers and because her estate is valued at about $1 million dollars you will have to go through the full probate process.

The probate lawyer in Rockford, IL you choose is Crosby & Crosby Attorneys at Law.

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