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Things One Should Know About San Francisco Landlord-Tenant Law

California is a great place to live with its warm weather and sunny beaches, but there are several things one should be aware of when renting an apartment in San Francisco, such as the San Francisco landlord tenant law.

Tenant Law Protects Against Unlawful Eviction

One of the things a prospective tenant should know about renting in San Francisco is that there are rent control laws. These laws protect the tenant from huge rent increases, plus the tenant must be given a 30-day notice for any rise in the rent.

San Francisco landlord tenant law also covers eviction rules. For instance, no one can be evicted unless there is a just cause such as repeated late rent payment, bounced rent checks, violating the lease, or doing something illegal in the apartment.

Prop M Protects Tenants in San Francisco

Another thing to be aware of in San Francisco renting is Prop M, which is a law that helps a tenant fight against a bad landlord. The law can help a tenant get their rent lowered if it was raised illegally, and can help fight against unlawful evictions, and give monetary help to tenants fighting their landlord in these and other issues.

Be Sure to Check Out a Potential Landlord

When looking for a rental in San Francisco it is a good idea to check out the landlord in advance. You should check with the courts to see if there have been any lawsuits against them or check with the local rent board to see if there were any cases regarding them.

The bottom line is that if you need a place to rent in San Francisco, the San Francisco landlord tenant law is there to help protect you, and if you need a lawyer to help with a rental, call Elke & Merchant LLC at 415-294-4111.