Three Situations That Warrant Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Arlington VA

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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Patients expect hospitals and the physicians who work in them to provide top-notch care and use every intervention available to address their health and wellness issues. The problem is that there are times when a medical professional overlooks essential aspects of a person’s health, and that oversight may lead to severe complications and, in extreme cases, death. Fortunately, a medical malpractice attorney in Arlington VA will be there to offer support and hold the medical professionals responsible for their actions.

Botched Surgical Procedures

Some health issues require the use of advanced surgical procedures, and if that surgery is not successful as a result of negligence on the practicing physician, they should be held accountable. In addition to obtaining money to help pay for any follow-up care that is required, an attorney may also be able to force a doctor to compensate the injured party for any pain or suffering they sustained as a result of the oversight.

Neglect and Substandard Care

Hospitals are required to provide the highest quality care to their patients, and despite the checks and balances that may be in place, there are still times when the quality of care falls below these levels. If the substandard care leads to further injury or the onset of infection, the hospital may be held accountable for the actions of their staff. Let an attorney review the facts surrounding a negligence case and determine if there was a blatant oversight in the quality of care given.


The goal of any physician is to determine a person’s diagnoses and then create a treatment plan that will give the patient optimal health and wellness. If a physician misdiagnoses a patient and causes further health issues or death, they may be deemed responsible. A medical malpractice attorney in Arlington VA will be able to gain access to any pertinent medical records and use them to prove that the physician is liable for a person’s poor health.

When someone else’s negligence leads to financial loss and poor health, it is crucial to contact an attorney as quickly as possible. The team at Law Office of Sean W. O’Connell will fight to get victims of medical malpractice the money they deserve. Get legal representation and take the first step in getting the support you need to put a broken life back together.

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