Tips for Hiring a Criminal Defense Law Attorney in Grand Forks, ND

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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Regardless of the severity of the offense, it’s important to call a Criminal Defense Law Attorney in Grand Forks ND when facing an arrest or criminal charges. Hiring a defense lawyer is a crucial decision, and there are many options available. Below is some information that can help defendants navigate the hiring process.

Do Not Delay

It’s good to talk to an attorney as quickly as possible after an arrest. Although the first court appearance may not be for some time, an attorney may make recommendations that can improve a case’s outcome. For instance, in an alcohol or drug case, a lawyer may advise a client to seek treatment before going to court.

Look for a Free Consultation

Most criminal lawyers offer free preliminary consultations. Taking this opportunity to meet the lawyer and get questions answered doesn’t obligate a client to choose that particular firm. However, it does give the client an idea of whether they can work with the lawyer. It’s important for clients to bring all their paperwork to the consultation as well as a list of questions to ask.

Practice Area

Before hiring a Criminal Defense Law Attorney in Grand Forks ND, the client should ask how much of the firm’s practice is focused on criminal defense. A focused lawyer is more likely to keep up with changes in criminal law, and they’re usually familiar with the way the local criminal court does things.


The length of time a lawyer has been defending clients is a vital consideration, but experience doesn’t always equal good representation. Clients should ask whether the lawyer has defended similar cases in the past as it’s better to choose a lawyer who is familiar with the type of charges the client is facing.


To avoid future disputes, the client should find out how much they’ll be paying for their defense. Most criminal lawyers charge a flat fee or an hourly rate. A lawyer with an hourly rate charges the client for the time they actually spend working on the case, while a flat-fee attorney takes a lump sum for the entire defense. In these instances, it’s important to find out what a flat fee covers. To learn more about a firm and its fees, browse our website or call the office today.

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