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Tips on Child Custody Disputes and Family Law in Timonium MD

Most areas’ custody laws are gender-neutral, and Family Law in Timonium MD sometimes determines that it is in the children’s best interests to live with the father rather than the mother. There are many ways for a parent to lose custody, and not all are obvious. Below are a few mistakes to avoid during a child custody case.

Not Being a Primary Caretaker

In most homes, one parent, the primary caretaker, takes the majority of responsibility for caring for the children’s needs. The parent who has the most involvement in the children’s lives typically has the advantage in custody disputes. If a parent isn’t putting in time for the day to day care of the children, they can be at a distinct disadvantage. There’s no surer way to lose a custody case than to demonstrate a lack of involvement in childrearing.

Not Being Aware of the Children’s Activities and Schedule

Parents should know the names of their children’s teachers, and they should supervise them on play dates and take them to doctor’s appointments. An involved parent attends school conferences and other events. If a parent cannot honestly say they do these things, it may indicate that the other parent may be a better choice in a custody matter.

Being Unfit

A parent who is even a casual drug or alcohol user will have difficulty in winning custody. Most courts take substance abuse allegations seriously, and these are investigated through psychological evaluations, testing and interviews. If a parent has a substance abuse problem, they should seek treatment for it right away. In many cases, substance issues and domestic violence go together. If a parent is a perpetrator of abuse, it all but guarantees they will not get custody.

Failing to Heed an Attorney’s Advice

Going through a child custody dispute or divorce is a stressful experience for anyone. When someone seeks primary custody of the children, joint decision-making rights or a parenting plan, the goal should be to get through the process of Family Law in Timonium MD while protecting parental rights. It is important to hire a family lawyer who has handled custody cases. With a skilled advocate from website, a client can avoid making the mistakes listed here and they can increase the chances of child custody success.