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Two Factors That May Be Associated With Metro Accidents in Bowie

Public transit accidents involving buses are infrequent compared to those between passenger vehicles. In addition, the number of public transportation bus and train accidents has gradually decreased over the past 30 years, while the passenger vehicle collision rate has remained relatively steady. Nevertheless, Metro Accidents in Bowie do sometimes occur, causing injuries to people on the bus or train as well as to those in other vehicles involved. The harm sometimes is more severe because of the lack of safety belts and other safety devices.

The Fatigue Factor

Research indicates that when Metro Accidents in Bowie are the fault of transit service bus drivers, fatigue is usually the main factor. One problem is that public transport bus driving jobs don’t pay exceptionally well; the average pay is around $15 per hour. Drivers may feel the need to work a second job, thus putting in so many hours that they become sleep-deprived.

Medical Issues

Another problem is the two-year medical certificate card issued after a commercial driver passes the physical exam. A great deal can happen over the next two years, leading some experts to advocate for physical exams to be required at least annually. For instance, a driver could develop high blood pressure and never realize it. That condition, when uncontrolled by medication, is a risk factor for a stroke or heart attack that could occur behind the wheel.

Statute of Limitations

Filing a personal injury lawsuit normally has a long statute of limitations, but that is not the case when filing a case against a government agency. The injured person should contact an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group as soon as possible for a free initial consultation. A legal professional there can let the person know what the statute of limitations is for Maryland in his or her particular circumstance.

Concluding Thoughts

This can all seem overwhelming to someone who was seriously hurt in an accident, but this person may be able to have a close relative handle some of the communication with the attorney. The lawyer will handle all the details so the injured person can focus on recovering.