Understanding Criminal Defense in Auburn

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Attorneys

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Most people are aware of different types of criminal defenses for a variety of cases but are unsure of exactly how a defense is chosen and how it can be effective. There are people who are found innocent of crimes they did commit because of their defense, and there are many who are found innocent of a crime they did not commit because they were able to use a solid defense to show their innocence. The way the criminal court system is structured, a person doesn’t have to prove they are innocent, they just have to show that the prosecution could be wrong.

The Prosecution’s Task

The prosecution collects evidence of the crime and goes to court to prove the person did commit the crime. The evidence must show that the person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that the majority of people would believe the person was guilty, given the evidence, and that there was no one else who could have committed the crime.

The Defendant’s Defense

The person who is accused of the crime will need to work on a defense that raises reasonable doubt. This is simple in cases where they have evidence they were somewhere else when the crime occurred, but not every case is that easy. The defendant and their lawyer will work to show that there’s a possibility the situation didn’t occur exactly as the prosecution said. They don’t have to prove they were innocent, just that it’s possible they are not guilty.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The jury will need to determine if the defense has shown that there is a doubt as to whether they committed the crime or if the prosecution has proven they have done it beyond a reasonable doubt. This determines whether the person is found guilty or not-guilty.

Anyone who has been arrested should speak with a lawyer who handles Criminal Defense in Auburn about their case as soon as possible. The lawyer can help them create a defense that helps to show there’s a chance they were not the one to commit the crime so they will receive a not-guilty verdict for the case. To learn more about how this works or to contact an attorney who works with Criminal Defense in Auburn, visit Website today.

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