Understanding What the Lemon Law for Cars Can Do for You

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Lawyers

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Lemon law for cars can help you fight back when you wind up with a “lemon of a vehicle”. These laws are consumer protection laws that prevent consumers just like you from being taken advantage of. When you purchase a vehicle it is not unreasonable that you should expect it to be:

   * Safe
   * Perform as described in the purchase literature
   * Maintain performance for a reasonable amount of time
   * Get the repairs done that need to be done or as promised by the dealership in a timely fashion
   * NOT have to continuously return to the dealership for repairs

Taking advantage of the lemon law for cars comes down to a few important factors involved with your matter. The tips below can help you to better understand what your responsibility is in the laws.

Tip # 1 Get in Writing

Every time you have to return to the dealership for any repairs in the first 30 days of owning your vehicle get it is writing. A paper trail is a very important part of your case and of using the protection under the law.

Tip # 2 Make Contact

Every time you have to call the dealership or make any other type of contact about the vehicle be sure to keep a log. A log can help you to track dates, times and who you have spoken to about the problem. Facts are the things that will help you get the full protections under the law.

Tip # 3 No Arbitration

Before you agree to any arbitration get a lawyer. Many manufacturers specify in your contract that you may have to go to arbitration before you can initiate a law suit. Being prepared is important so contact an attorney.

Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® can help you to understand the laws better and help you to take advantage of your rights under the laws!

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