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What Are the Expectations of Bail Bonding in Fort Worth, TX?

In Texas, criminal defendants who are assigned bail are eligible to purchase a bail bond. The individuals must follow all terms of their release when securing a bail bond. Certain repercussions apply if the defendant doesn’t appear in court. Taking a look at the expectations of bail bonding in Fort Worth, TX helps criminal defendants learn what happens after they pay the fee.

Finding the Appropriate Fee

The bondman must arrive at an appropriate fee that doesn’t violate any state or federal laws. The standard fee for bail bonds is between ten and fourteen percent of the bail, so they must stay within the range or face the penalties for federal violations.

Evaluating Collateral for Bonds

The bail bondsman collects collateral for the bail bonds if the criminal defendant cannot pay cash. The collateral includes any properties or assets of monetary value. The most common types of collateral are real estate, jewelry, antiques, and automobiles. Select bondsmen accept savings accounts and CDs for collateral.

Failure to Appear: Repercussions

Any criminal defendant that fails to appear in court faces serious repercussions. The judge issues a bench warrant for their arrest, and officers won’t need probable cause to arrest them. The defendant’s bail bond is revoked, and bail bonding agents may choose not to provide a new bond; nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that the court will provide bail for the defendant once again. Any terms and conditions that were beneficial to the defendant upon their release are no longer available.

Weekend Release from Jail

Some bail bonding agents help criminal defendants get out of jail over the weekend. If the bonding agent has connections with judges, then it is possible for them to get the necessary signatures. If and only after the documents are signed will the defendant be released from the county jail.

In Texas, criminal defendants who received a bail assignment can secure their bail bond through a bonding agent. The service providers offer additional options to help the defendant get to court as expected, too. If you want to learn more about bail bonding in Fort Worth, TX, you can contact your local bail bond experts right now.