What Does a Probate Lawyer in Bel Air, MD Do?

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Lawyers

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People often question whether a probate lawyer in Bel Air, MD is actually necessary in their particular case, but the answer is different each time. Probate is a series of legal actions that are mandated by the court which’s purpose is to disburse the estate of a person who has passed away. There are several different goals during the probate procedures, including:

1. Verifying that the will of the person who passed is a legal and valid will.

2. Documenting and doing an inventory on all the property left behind by the deceased individual.

3. Having the property of the deceased person appraised by professionals.

4. Distributing the property as the deceased person’s will dictates.

When the individual passes, the person who is named as the executor of the will is typically the person to start the probate process. Sometimes, it is necessary for the court to designate an executor if the deceased person did not do so. Usually, the executor is a close relative or a trusted friend, who is also generally the person who is listed as the biggest recipient of property within the will.

The executor of the will has a number of different duties during the probate process. They are tasked with proving the will is legitimate, and with providing a list of any property and debts that the deceased had among other duties. This can get fairly complicated, and it may be the point where it is necessary to contact a probate lawyer for help.

No matter how well an executor may think that they are, dealing with the realities of getting the will through probate can make even the most prepared person feel very frustrated and overwhelmed. The probate lawyer can take over a case the moment that they are informed about the deceased person’s passing. With the help of an experienced lawyer, the will may be able to get through probate much faster than it would in inexperienced hands. If you want to talk to a local probate lawyer in Bel Air, MD, you may want to speak with Maria Caruso. Find the Caruso law firm at website on the Internet.

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