What is Collision Insurance Coverage?

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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Collision insurance coverage is an optional insurance coverage in Florida. Collision insurance covers damage to the vehicle after any type of accident, from a fender bender to a major crash. Almost always, the motorist will be responsible for paying a deductible and the insurance company will pay out on the remainder of the collision repair costs. Collision insurance coverage might not be mandatory in Tampa, but it tremendously helps motorists avoid incurring unnecessary costs associated with automobile accidents. When dealing with the aftermath of any accident, even fender benders, motorists often overestimate the amount of insurance coverage they already have. Because Florida law mandates only PIP and not collision insurance coverage, claim disputes are relatively common in Tampa.

The PIP claim coverage will address issues related to your own body—issues such as whiplash, broken bones, lacerations, or any long term problems that result from an auto collision. However, the financial burden of fixing a car including auto body work and collision repair is not covered by PIP. Collision insurance coverage should cover the costs of collision repairs after the deducible, but insurance companies are notorious for trying to get out of paying out on both PIP and collision insurance coverage policies. A PIP lawyer can help motorists clarify their PIP and collision insurance policies, and in many cases can help people to effectively process their claims. Each insurance policy will have a different deductible, after which the insurance company is required to pay out after a collision. Collision insurance coverage is optional but does tend to be a good idea. If you get into an automobile accident and do not have collision insurance, the costs of repairing the vehicle could be exorbitant.

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