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What to Do If You Get Arrested for a DUI in Morgantown, WV

No one wants to admit when they have made a mistake or broken the law. This type of event is embarrassing, and sometimes frightening, for everyone. The problem is that there are times when reality cannot be ignored and people have to face the consequences for their actions, for instance, when they have been arrested for a DUI in Morgantown, WV. This is something that can happen to anyone and is much easier to commit than many realize. Very few people ever expect to have this type of charge on their record and even fewer are properly prepared to handle it correctly when it happens.

Everyone has to take a DUI charge seriously and not consider it to be just another traffic stop. There are many risks people face when they have been arrested for this type of crime, such as fines, jail time and the loss of driving privileges. Many people have their reputations damaged, lose their jobs and custody of their children. Some are forced to take driving classes or, if the problem is chronic, are recommended to a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.

A West Virginia DUI Lawyer should be the first person called when this type of arrest has taken place. Without the help of a legal professional, most people will face the harshest level of punishment allowed. With assistance, those charges are often reduced and in some instances are dropped entirely. A lawyer helps by protecting their client, making certain their rights were respected and that all tests, paperwork and the traffic stop were done correctly. They stop their clients from making statements that could be used against them or agreeing to deals that are not as beneficial as they could be.

As soon as someone is arrested for a DUI in Morgantown, WV they should immediately stop answering questions, request a lawyer and refuse all testing. When the lawyer arrives they will inform their client what to do next. Making the mistake of committing a DUI is unfortunate, but avoiding any additional mistakes after the arrest will help to reduce any potential punishment.