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What to Do When Workman’s Compensation in Bessemer, AL Decides to Fight Back

Workers injured on the job are often forced through the workers’ compensation process. Most of the time, it goes relatively smoothly. Workers may need to fight a little bit for their voice to be heard and for their claim to get sifted through the motions, but it usually works out. However, every once in awhile, a workers’ compensation claim completely falls apart. A workman’s compensation in Bessemer, AL attorney is there to pick up the pieces and find the source of the contention.

Insurance companies typically have a separate sector or division that decides if a claim is entirely fair. They look at head injuries in the workplace to see if the claim is justified. It is possible for them to diminish the claim or reject it entirely and that is where the difficulties begin.

The most common issue is that workman’s compensation in Bessemer, AL will not pay for all the expenses incurred. They may cover the initial injuries, but that is where the coverage ends. The problem is that brain injuries, a lost limb, spinal cord injuries and other issues do not stop incurring expenses. There are variables at play, including but not limited to:

• The future inability to work because of an injury

• Transportation costs incurred through traveling to and from the hospital

• At-home care for particular injuries

• Maintenance treatment (i.e. chiropractic care for spinal injuries)

• Emotional damages

It is too easy for a workers’ compensation claim to dismiss the injuries after the first 30 days and that is usually where the fight derives. As the above details, there are expenses directly related to the injuries that are not easily measured or easily determined in a single case filing. It sometimes requires follow-ups and changes as new symptoms arise. The case needs to be reviewed again, despite the fact that the claim agency wants to close it out.

Schedule an appointment if there is even the slightest hint that the coverage is not matched to the damages received. When workers give up so much for a job, they deserve to be compensated appropriately. Anything less may be an injustice to the hard work and the years they gave to a company.