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When Will an Auto Accident Attorney in Bremerton Handle Single Vehicle Accidents?

Car accidents can range from a minor fender bender to a serious accident that results in the death of one or more occupants in a vehicle. When the accidents cause a significant amount of damage to the vehicle and injuries to the occupants, the victims may want to contact an auto accident attorney in Bremerton for help. Auto accident attorneys typically work on a variety of cases that involve automobiles. One many people don’t usually think of, however, is single vehicle accidents.

In many cases, single vehicle accidents are caused by the driver and the insurance company may or may not cover the damages, depending on the driver’s insurance policy. Rarely, the accident may be caused by an outside source, and the driver may not be liable for the accident. These cases generally include cases where a mechanic failed to repair the vehicle properly, and the vehicle became uncontrollable as result, or when there was an issue with the manufacturing of the vehicle.

Mechanics must repair a vehicle properly before it goes back on the road, but they can make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can cause accidents. If a tire is not installed properly, it can come off while a person is driving. If the brakes are not attached correctly, they could fail when a vehicle needs to stop.

The manufacturer can be held liable if a part they designed and created fails and causes an accident. Many people have had to bring their vehicle into the repair shop for a recall due to a defective component on their vehicle. These recalls are done because the component has already failed on some vehicles and may have caused serious accidents. An example of this is tires, otherwise in great shape, blowing while the vehicle is moving at a high speed.

A driver who is in a single vehicle accident isn’t always at fault, though it is usually the case. When they aren’t, they can contact an auto accident attorney in Bremerton to help them determine who is liable for the accident and obtain compensation for the damages and their injuries. Meet Anthony C. Otto today if you’ve been in a single car accident and believe it was due to an issue with your vehicle.