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When You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Marietta

Sometimes, workers suffer injury in the process of doing their work for an employer. Even though the likelihood of sustaining injury is admittedly higher in some industries than others, there is hardly an industry where it is not possible for a worker to be injured. It is for this reason that the laws regarding workers’ compensation were put in place, giving injured workers an avenue through which to get some monetary compensation for injuries that they suffer, whether by themselves or through their workers’ compensation attorney.

Accepted Workers Compensation Claims

This is what occurs in instances where the insurance carrier that provides workers’ compensation coverage to your employer has agreed that the injury you suffered was indeed in the fulfillment of your duties as an employee. Despite the fact that they have acknowledged that and have decided to pay you the medical and income benefits that are due to you, they might still try to skimp on exactly how much they ought to pay.

One of the major factors that determine the amount of money you receive through weekly checks as compensation is the impairment rating you are assigned by the doctor. Your workers’ compensation attorney will definitely work to ensure that the rating is fair.

Denied Workers Compensation Claims

In other instances, your employer or their insurance company might attempt to deny you the chance to receive any compensation for your injury. The basis of these denials is usually claiming that the injury you suffered was not received in the course of your work as an employee, or that it was the result of a preexisting condition.

When faced with these situations, it is very important that a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Marietta be called in to begin to build a case against the other parties, in order to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.