3 Reasons to Meet Up with an Estate Planning Lawyer

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Attorneys

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If you’ve got a lot of assets and properties along with stocks and other financial investments, consulting with an estate planning lawyer in Cornelius NC is a must. Here’s why you shouldn’t put it off any longer:

Avoid probate

Upon a person’s death, proceeds from your estate will go towards paying any debt or creditors you might have. But without a will and an estate plan, the rights of your heirs to your remaining properties and assets could be questioned. They’ll have to spend money just to have this sorted out, which is the last thing they’ll need if they’re already dealing with the loss and death of a family member.

Draft the necessary documents

An experienced estate planning lawyer in Cornelius NC can help you come up with whatever legal documents need to be drafted, signed and filed, says Investopedia. Putting together an estate plan is a complex task, one that needs to be compliant with tax laws as well as state laws to ensure zero problems down the line for your heirs. That’s something only a competent lawyer can do for you.

Update them

If you already have estate plans in place, don’t think you’ll be set forever. You’re going to need to update those documents regularly. New laws or moving to a new state or getting a divorce will mean changes and revisions to your estate plans. If your spouse dies or you end up having more kids, those are another few good reasons to take out your estate plans for a much-needed tune-up or upgrade.

With the help and assistance of a trained and skilled lawyer, you won’t have to worry about your family dealing with all the added stress of issues, problems and delays with your estate. A solid estate plan can save your loved ones a whole lot of legal problems.

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