5 Things a Professional Personal Injury Lawyer Will Have

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Lawyers

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When accidents happen, it can be difficult to figure out where to turn to for help. But if you suffered injuries or came to harm because of someone’s negligence, you’re entirely within your rights to file for a personal injury case.

You’ll need legal help. Before hiring one, take a look at 5 things a good lawyer must have:

Relevant experience

General practitioners will probably have no relevant experience to your claim. So go for a personal injury lawyer in Genoa who has the experience you need. If you find yourself in a car collision, then look for an attorney who has worked on similar cases before. That way, your lawyer will know what to expect, what steps to take and in some cases, what signs to look for to gauge if your minor injury is more serious than it seems.

Track record

A good track record is a great indication that you’ve found the right legal help, says Fisk & Monteleone LTD. So before you pick a lawyer, ask about how long s/he’s been in the industry. How many cases did your lawyer settle successfully in court? That could help you decide if you’ve found the right lawyer or if you need to look elsewhere.

Negotiation skills

You’ll need someone who can negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. So pick someone with excellent negotiation skills. Your lawyer’s help will be invaluable in ensuring you get the maximum compensation you and your family deserve.


Pick a lawyer you can trust, who will put your best interests over anything else. With the help of a trustworthy and credible a personal injury lawyer in Genoa, taking on that case will be a whole lot easier.


Initial consultations are often free. If the lawyer insists on getting paid, though, you might want to consider other names on your list.

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