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Ways In Which A Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help

In the event that you are injured on the job, your medical expenses and wages will be covered by your employers workers compensation insurance policy. As long as you see no reason to believe there may have been negligence involved, there is no reason to take it any further, but what happens if a personal injury lawsuit is warranted?

Workers comp is a “no fault” system, your employer will not question you and you have no recourse. This is fine until such time that you want to claim compensation for negligence of some sort. Successfully claiming benefits can be extremely complex and frustrating, this is especially true when your employer’s workers comp carrier refuses the claim.

The best way to ensure you do get the compensation you so rightfully deserve is to hire a workers compensation attorney in Buena Park. There are a number of things that a seasoned attorney can do that you probably can’t; they include:

Advise: Although you may think you have a case, only an attorney can confirm this, not every injury falls under workers comp protection. If you are injured at a work related event, perhaps a “family day” there is always a grey area, an attorney can advise you on the likelihood of coverage.

Proper filing of a claim: Claims can be quite complex, the laws may specify what has to be submitted and in how many copies. A workers compensation attorney in Buena Park can make sure the claim is filed promptly and with no errors or omissions.

Dealing with an appeal: If the claim is denied that is not necessarily the end of it, you may be able to lodge an appeal. Your attorney can deal with this matter most effectively.

Sue if necessary: In some cases it may be necessary to sue for compensation, needless to say this is only an action that can be taken by an attorney.

There are numerous reasons why you should be compensated for a work related injury, if you have any doubt you should hire a skilled attorney.

If you sustain injuries on the job you may be able to claim for compensation in excess of that provided by workers comp. If you need to speak to a workers compensation attorney in Buena Park you are invited to contact the Law offices of Norman J. Homen online at