6 Considerations Before You Choose a Small Business Attorney

by | May 24, 2019 | Law Firm

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Get the right legal counsel on board. Factor in these considerations when you search for a small business attorney in New York for your organization.

Fees and charges

How much does the attorney charge? Do a bit of homework to find out, Business Know-How says. What is the average cost? That’s going to help you determine if you’re being overcharged or if the rate is much too low and therefore, suspicious.

Payment options

Some lawyers insist on getting a retainer while others charge by the hour. Some lawyers also offer flat-rate prices for certain legal services. Figure out what kind of assistance you need so you’ll know what payment option you fall into.


Look for a small business attorney in New York with plenty of experience, a trustworthy reputation and a good track record. These are all markers of a good potential hire.


Another way to find legal counsel you can trust is to ask your contacts for referrals. If you know someone who’s put up a business in the last few years, then reach out to them and ask about their experience. You can get good leads this way.


After spending time and effort in interviewing or consulting with a lawyer, the last thing you want is to have your case assigned to someone else the moment you sign up for the law firm’s services. Don’t let that happen. Confirm that you’re getting the services of the lawyer you’re in a meeting with.


One way to find trustworthy lawyers is to browse through local law firms and lawyers. They know the area and are quite familiar with the business laws of the state. That’s the level of knowledge you need in your lawyer.

If you’re looking for a lawyer to help you with your small business, don’t hesitate to use these tips. Good luck in your search!

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