Laws for Child Custody in Sugar Land, TX Protect the Child

by | May 23, 2019 | Legal Distribution

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While custody battles ensue among Texas couples, the court still reviews cases to provide for the best interests of a child. Therefore, the court provides several alternatives when determining custody. For example, sole custody, as the name suggests, allows one parent to oversee a child’s care. He or she has sole rights to decide on a child’s welfare.

However, in most cases, child custody in Sugar Land, TX extends to both parents. A joint arrangement enables a child to live primarily with one of the parents but permits the other parent to have visitation. The decision-making is shared by the couple. Joint custody may be confused with shared custody. While decision-making is shared, the child lives with each parent at least 35% of the time during a year. He or she resides in two separate homes.

Split Custody Arrangements

Child custody may also involve split custody. This type of custody arrangement is rarely advocated. This arrangement includes the care of at least two children with each parent enjoying full custody of at least one of the children. Once you speak to an attorney about your rights as a parent, you will better understand how custody arrangements work.

Parenting Classes

Child custody requires that parents take a mandatory parenting class. Because divorce is both traumatic and emotional, this type of class is designed to help parents better cope with their responsibility. Again, this type of training is meant to help the child receive the best care possible.

Who to Visit Online

If you are divorcing or you already have divorced and are disputing the custody of your child or children, you need to visit us at website domain to learn more about your legal rights. Take every step to ensure your child’s future well-being. Contact an attorney today. When making considerations for custodial rights, the court considers the child’s wishes and his or her current and future emotional and physical needs. This is important to keep in mind if you currently are going through a divorce and are involved in a child custody fight.

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