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A Lawyer in Manhattan, KS, Can Help You Keep Your Driver’s License

Countless people on the road assume a driver’s license is a right rather than a privilege. They never stop to think that actions they take behind the wheel may result in the loss of the driver’s license. Yet, the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles has the final say in who may drive and who may not. For this reason, when a person is ticketed, they need to understand the laws of their state and how a conviction may affect them. A Lawyer In Manhattan, KS, can be of great help in this situation.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has the right to suspend or revoke a person’s driver’s license if they are suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if they refuse to take a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) test. Both are serious crimes in the state of Kansas, and the goal is to protect other people on the road. In addition, the license may be suspended if a vehicle is used in the commission of a crime, as this is another serious offense. There are less serious offenses that may also lead to a person losing their license for a period of time.

A person who violates Kansas insurance laws may find they are no longer able to drive in the state, and the same is true of someone who is convicted of speeding or reckless driving. A failure to appear in court or driving after the driver’s license has been suspended or revoked can also lead to the loss of this privilege. Also, a person may lose their ability to drive if they are involved in a hit and run, regardless of how minor it is.

When a person is facing the loss of their driver’s license, it can impact every area of their life. Public transportation may not be easily accessible, and this means they could lose their job, not be able to get to medical appointments or find they are unable to complete necessary tasks, such as getting to the grocery store. In situations such as this, it’s best to hire a lawyer in Manhattan, KS, to handle the case. Contact Oleen Law Firm or Browse The Website to learn more about these attorneys. They assist clients with these types of matters routinely and can be of great help to any person facing the loss of their license.