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Timesharing Basics, as Explained by a Family Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM

The phrase timesharing typically brings to mind a vacation property, one in which a person purchases a block of time for vacation accommodations. Many are surprised to hear a family lawyer in Albuquerque, NM, bring up this term, yet it is something people may hear in a child custody case. Timesharing refers to the amount of time a child spends with each parent, and this plays a role in many custody issues. The best interests of the child are always considered first in these matters, but different people may have conflicting opinions on what those interests are.

Timesharing is one area in which there may be differing opinions. Parents want to be with their children, but one parent typically ends up having the child more than the other. This is due to the child’s need to attend school. If parents don’t live in the same school district, it can be hard for them to split time with the child evenly. In addition, even those parents who live in the same school district may find they cannot split time with their child equally, as this would be too stressful for the child having to move between two homes regularly.

Another problem that may be encountered with equal timesharing involves those parents who cannot get along. The frequent contact between the two parties can lead to additional conflict and more stress on the child. Although both parents love the child, their conflicting actions have a negative impact on the child. For this reason, when an attorney refers to timesharing, he or she could mean many things. This is why it’s common to see arranges in which one parent only sees their child every other weekend, while another parent has the child every weekend and one night during the week. Parents who wish to know more about timesharing as it relates to a child custody case should speak to a Family Lawyer In Albuquerque, NM.

The Carter & Valle Law Firm works with people in this situation routinely and will be happy to speak to those who find they want to know more about child custody arrangements. In addition, people can Browse The Website to learn more about child custody and how courts decide these matters. Children always need to be first and everyone involved in the custody case must remember this at all times.