A Real Estate Attorney in Brabazon Law Office, LLC Can Help with Fence Disputes

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Estate Planning Lawyers

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Rules in residential communities often restrict fence heights. In many places, backyard fences can be no more than six feet high while front-yard fences might be limited even more. Bushes, trees, and other natural barriers may be considered a fence, but a person may be able to request a variance if they have a good reason to have a taller fence. In this brief article, homeowners and tenants can Click Here to learn how to handle fence disputes, and they can also learn when it may be necessary to hire a real estate attorney in Brabazon Law Office, LLC to help with such a dispute.

What Can Be Done If a Neighbor’s Fence Is Too High?

City code enforcement is relatively lax in some areas and, in some cases, a non-conforming fence might be ignored by the law. In such situation, they can alter the fence before it’s finished. However, if the person doesn’t listen to suggestions, the city may need to be notified.

If a Neighbor Builds an Unattractive Fence

Fences that are unattractive aren’t against the law. However, some towns restrict the building of new fences or only allow the use of certain materials. If a fence is a danger, local ordinances may prohibit it. Fences built just to spite a neighbor are against the law in many places.

Repairing a Boundary Fence

A fence that creates a boundary between two pieces of land typically belongs to both landowners, and both parties are responsible for repairing it. Some jurisdictions penalize those who refuse to maintain a shared fence after a legitimate request from a neighbor.

Is It Necessary to Hire an Attorney for Help with a Fence Dispute?

If a person has a dispute with a neighbor over a fence, they may want to speak to a property attorney to determine what responsibilities and rights they and their neighbors have. Moreover, a property lawyer such as Brabazon Law Office, LLC can help one file a legal complaint if the neighbor displays inappropriate behavior. By hiring a real estate attorney in Brabazon Law Office, LLC, a homeowner can protect their rights while solving a fence dispute as amicably as possible.

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