A Supervised Visitation Attorney in Carlsbad, CA Explains When This Type of Visitation May Be Mandated

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Attorneys

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Parents often wish to maintain a relationship with their child when the relationship that produced this child fails. However, there are situations where the child’s physical or emotional health may be negatively affected when he or she spends time with the non-custodial parent. To ensure this does not happen, supervised visitation may be requested and granted. This is often seen in cases where one parent has been accused of being neglectful or of abusing the child in some way. However, there are other situations where the court may require a parent visit with a child under supervision. Anyone who feels this would be beneficial for the child should speak to a Supervised Visitation Attorney in Carlsbad CA to learn more about the process.

How to Go About Requesting Supervised Visitation

To require a parent be supervised during visitation, the first step will be to file a petition with the court. When this petition is heard, the custodial parent must show that unsupervised visitation will be harmful to the child. He or she must show proof of physical abuse, mental illness, substance abuse, emotional abuse or a fear that the non-custodial parent will abduct the child. However, supervised visitation may also be granted at the request of the child or when the court feels the environment of the non-custodial parent may be detrimental to the child.

Who Oversees This Visitation

The court ultimately determines who oversees visitation with the child in the matter. This may be the custodial parent or a family member the court feels can take on this duty responsibly. However, there are cases where a professional will need to be called in to oversee the visitation. In situations such as this, it is often a social worker or an employee of an independent agency that handles the visits.

Click here to learn more about supervised visitation, when it may be called for, and why. Furthermore, parents often want to know how this type of visitation is handled. A Supervised Visitation Attorney in Carlsbad CA can be of great help in answering any questions a person may have. The best interests of the child need to be the top priority at all times, as the child did not ask to be involved in a legal matter of this type. The right attorney works to ensure the child is protected at all times, taking any measures needed to guarantee this is the case.

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