Criminal Defense Lawyers In Fort Wayne IN Can Help To Get The Results You Want

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Lawyers

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Being charged with a crime is a serious offense. Someone should never represent themselves when they’re facing jail time, high fines and the possibility of permanent criminal record. Drug or alcohol charges may seem like petty offenses to some people, but they can carry stiff penalties that could affect someone’s life forever. Proper legal representation by criminal defense lawyers in Fort Wayne IN can offer a much better outcome for a criminal case than someone performing their own representation. They understand how to work with the attorneys and the judge involved in the case. They will review the evidence and determine if an arrest was properly performed or if there are gaps in the case.

There are many avenues a lawyer can explore when representing someone in a criminal case. Understanding the law and being experienced in representing clients is the key to a better outcome. criminal defense lawyers in Fort Wayne IN represent people in:

  • Drug dealing, possession, manufacturing and public intoxication.
  • Sex crimes that include rape, child molestation, prostitution and sexual battery.
  • Violent crimes that include murder, robbery, battery, and domestic battery.
  • Theft charges of embezzlement, forgery, burglary, check deception, and white collar crimes.
  • OWI/DWI, resisting arrest, criminal recklessness, disorderly conduct, and much more.

A sexual crime not only gives someone a permanent criminal record, they may be required to register where they live the rest of their life. Every neighbor where they move to will be notified of their crime. Even when someone is trying to make a fresh start, the crime will follow them forever. If they fail to register, they could be arrested and put back in jail. This is why hiring an experienced attorney is so important when someone’s been charged with this type of crime. Many companies today perform criminal background checks on future employees. A charge of check deception could disqualify them because it’s a form of theft that the future employer won’t accept.

Criminal charges should never be taken lightly. The penalties and history that will follow a convicted individual will affect them now and well into the future. If someone is facing criminal charges, contact An Arrested Hotline immediately.

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