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Injured Workers May Need to Seek Legal Advice in Southern Maryland

Workers who become injured on the job are entitled to seek legal advice in Southern Maryland. Although it is not required, many injured workers feel more confident when they have an attorney representing them. Although the process of worker’s compensation claims is handled by the Workers’ Compensation Commission, this does not always mean the worker’s rights will be fully protected. If a worker’s compensation claim is being contested, it behooves a victim to seek the help of an attorney.

When an injured worker meets with the attorney for legal advice in Southern Maryland, they will learn about their best recourse for winning a contested claim. When an employer contests a claim, a hearing is scheduled before the Workers’ Compensation Commission. At this hearing, the injured worker is not required to have an attorney and is not provided one. Many workers hire an attorney to help them through the hearing so they can receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Hiring an attorney typically does not cost any money upfront. Most worker’s compensation attorneys work on contingency, and the Workers’ Compensation Commission controls the amount they can charge. If the worker ends up receiving a settlement for their benefits, the attorney is paid separately by the employer or insurance company that represents them.

The Workers’ Compensation Commission in Maryland requires a worker to inform their employer of the injury within ten days. Failure to do so can result in a claim being denied. Workers have two years to file a claim with the Commission, though, ideally, it should be filed within sixty days of the injury. There are three types of worker’s compensation claims that can be filed with the Commission.

  • Accidental injury
  • Occupational disease
  • Death benefits

It is imperative a worker meets with an attorney before they sign any paperwork or agree to any type of settlement. If you have been injured on the job, check out website domain. They provide injured workers with the legal services needed, so they successfully pursue worker’s compensation injury claims and receive the fair outcome they deserve. Call today if you wish to schedule a consultation appointment.