Have You Discussed Your DUI Arrest with a DUI Attorney in Oswego, IL?

by | Jul 10, 2018 | DUI Attorney

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If you have been arrested lately for a DUI charge, you are not alone. According to statistics, about 35,000 people in Illinois are arrested on this charge on an annual basis. If this charge is your first offense, you will face both criminal penalties and license reinstatement if you are convicted.

An Impending Suspension

That is why you need to speak to a DUI attorney in Oswego, IL right away if you have been arrested for DUI and this is your first offense. A first offense in the state results in a license suspension of six months. If the driver refuses to comply with this order, the suspension will be instated for 12 months. While the suspension is impending, it does not necessarily begin on the date the arrest was made.

In the meantime, the driver may challenge the impending suspension. In this case, a DUI attorney should be retained to properly handle the matter. If legal counsel is retained and the lawyer is successful, you can avoid license suspension as well as the related complications of reinstatement.

Siphoning through the Details

Should your license be suspended, your DUI attorney can be further consulted about the matter and what will happen next. In this case, reinstatement will involve a mandatory and full suspension covering a period of 30 days along with the inclusion of an interlock device on the ignition and a remainder suspension with a restricted license.

What happens with your case depends on the evidence and what happened during the arrest. Therefore, you need to be up front with your lawyer and tell him or her all the details surrounding the incident. If you want to make sure you are fully assisted in this respect, the information you provide is essential. You can learn more about your rights in DUI cases by visiting the website.

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