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Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bremerton?

When you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, you may be wondering if you need, in fact, a personal injury lawyer in Bremerton. Truthfully, it’s a good question. After all, if the person who caused the accident to begin with has no insurance, there’s nothing to be gained by hiring an attorney to file suit. What’s there to gain?

However, if the person who caused the accident did as they should have, and they have the insurance the law requires, there are avenues a person can and should take. Unfortunately, too many people are wooed by what they think is a “big” check from the insurance company, and simply take what they are given.  Or, the insurance company denies responsibility for the claim, and the injured party feels like that is the final say so.

This doesn’t have to be the way things are.  A personal injury lawyer in Bremerton can help in a number of ways.

Review Paperwork

Insurance agencies will send out tons of paperwork, and the average person has no idea what it says or means. With the help of an attorney who has years of experience in this area, you can wade through the complicated legal jargon, the medical terminology and the abundance of paperwork common in PI cases.

Objective Point of View

While the injured party may think they have an open and shut case, a personal injury attorney who has worked cases exactly like yours knows if it stands a chance in court.  They can see the facts with a fresh set of eyes and advise you whether it’s best to go with the payout the insurance company is offering or whether it’s in your best interests to pursue a more appropriate settlement.

Dispute Resolution

Most people envision a long and lengthy trial when they think of a personal injury case. And while this could happen, most likely it won’t. A quality attorney will know if the case presented to them should be better worked out using alternative methods; perhaps mediation or arbitration, which could save you money and time, not to mention stress!

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