Examples of Workplace Issues Handled by an Employment Attorney

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Attorneys

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There are numerous reasons why a person might need the help of an Employment Attorney. One of the more common issues involves sexual harassment that is not effectively managed by a human resources department. If an employee’s supervisor implies or makes clear that a promotion hinges on sexual favors, that constitutes a case for legal intervention.

Another somewhat common episode in the realm of employment law occurs when an employee is repeatedly passed up for promotions or even a transfer to another department. The employee may begin to suspect that religion or cultural background has something to do with this decision. An Employment Attorney offers insight and can tell this individual what types of evidence are necessary to prove the case. There may be an obvious pattern within the organization of never promoting workers of certain cultural heritage or religious beliefs. There also may be patterns of hiring and then terminating people with these characteristics. The company does not want to be accused of unfair hiring practices, so it finds another way around its perceived problem.

No matter what is occurring in the workplace, the lawyer guides the client in regard to documenting the incidents to support the case. It may be possible to recruit witnesses, although this can be difficult since people are often afraid of losing their own jobs if they cooperate. Another possibility would be to encourage other workers who have dealt with similar issues in the organization to come forward. There may be at least one or two of these employees who have finally had enough.

It is particularly important to document evidence in writing to create an official log of sorts. If the employee is ever terminated by the organization, that log can help a great deal to prove that being fired was due to factors other than an inability to do the job or improper behavior such as frequent tardiness. The person may not want to return to this workplace, realizing it is not a good fit, but financial compensation may be deserved. That compensation can effectively be demanded by a firm such as Britton Law Offices, LLC. Visit the website  to learn more about bringing an action against an employer. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

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