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Dog Bites May Require the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rochester MN

Dog bites can leave behind serious injuries that can sometimes be disfiguring and result in permanent disability. When a person is dealing with a serious dog bite injury, they often have many unanswered questions and are unsure of what they need to do to seek compensation for their injuries and damages. It is crucial that a victim meet with a personal injury lawyer in Rochester MN so they can learn more about their rights and what it will take to pursue their claim.

One of the first steps an injured victim needs to take is gathering as much information on the dog and owner as possible. If a dog bite has led to life-threatening injuries, calling 911 is appropriate. It is imperative medical attention is sought, no matter how serious the injuries are, because dog bites are at a high risk of causing infection. In some cases, a dog bite may lead to rabies.

The state of Minnesota is a strict liability state which means a dog owner can be held liable even if they had no idea their dog was a danger to others. An injured dog bite victim may pursue the owner in the following circumstances:

 *     The victim was in a lawful place, such as public park or sidewalk.

 *     The victim did not provoke the dog in any way.

 *     The victim was acting peaceably around the dog.

Because the state of Minnesota is a strict liability state, the dog owner will only have two possible defenses. If they can prove the victim trespassed illegally or the dog bite was provoked by the actions of the victim, they may not be held responsible for the damages their dog caused. It is imperative victims meet with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rochester MN. A lawyer can help them overcome any constraints that may prevent them from being able to recover money.

If you have experienced a serious dog bite and would like to learn more about your rights, Click Here. Visit and you can discover how a lawyer can help you through your personal injury claim so you can receive fair compensation.