Domestic Violence Attorneys in Vail Can Help Victims of Emotional Abuse

by | May 25, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firm

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Emotional abuse can be a component of multiple types of family law claims. It typically consists of inappropriate behavior or words that have detrimental effects on a victim. It can include:

* Constant use of harassing and intimidating language
* Exposing the victim to traumatic situations
* Using false statements to describe a person
* Threatening movements directed toward a victim

This kind of abuse is sometimes referred to as mental or psychological abuse. In many cases, an abuser’s goal is to break the victim’s self-esteem down completely, forcing them into dependency.

Is Emotional Abuse Legally Actionable?

In the recent past, emotional and psychological abuse weren’t recognized as forms of domestic violence, especially if there were no physical signs to accompany the allegations. However, emotional abuse has recently become a major factor in many family law actions. Emotional abuse is carefully considered, especially in cases of child abuse, because courts recognize the long-lasting effects of such abuse. It has also become a factor in many divorce cases, particularly those involving domestic violence attorneys in Vail.

Legal Options for the Emotionally Abused

Some cases of emotional abuse can result in a victim’s eligibility for damages, which can cover medical bills, therapy costs, and medications. Courts are often wary about issuing awards for imaginary mental conditions, and a victim has a higher chance of recovery if they exhibit physical symptoms as well. A court may decide to issue a restraining order against an offender if physical violence is a factor, and emotional abuse can be a deciding factor in cases of child visitation, custody, and support.

Should a Victim Hire Legal Representation for Assistance with an Emotional Abuse Claim?

As mentioned previously, emotional abuse is a primary factor in many family law cases. A victim may need the help of domestic violence attorneys in Vail for representation or advice in an abuse case. A lawyer can inform a client of their rights and of potential legal remedies. Contact us to find out how a lawyer can help a client file a claim if the cause is actionable.

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