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Reviewing Laws That Apply To Your Case With Divorce Attorneys In Thiensville, WI

In Wisconsin, divorce petitioners must evaluate applicable laws that affect their case. These laws could lead to difficulties and present unwanted delays. They could also lead to a divorce trial if the parties cannot reach an agreement. Divorce attorneys Thiensville WI provide clarity about all applicable laws.

What are the Residency Requirements?

The petitioner must live in the state for no less than six months to establish residency. They establish county residency by living inside the county for one month. The petitioner cannot file a divorce motion until these requirements are met. Residency is required to establish state and county jurisdiction over the case.

The Divorce Grounds in Wisconsin

A petitioner may use irretrievable breakdown as the divorce grounds. The state doesn’t accept any other option for a single petitioner. However, if both parties file together, they can use assertion of the breakdown of the marriage as the ground.

The Finalization of the Divorce

The court finalizes the divorce under certain conditions. The first option is a mutual petition for the divorce. The second is proof of voluntary separation for one year before the motion was submitted. The court must determine no possibility of reconciliation. Any indication of a possible reconciliation may lead to an order for marriage counseling. The counselor reports to the court the findings of these sessions.

Reasons for an Annulment

Annulment indicates that the marriage never took place. The first reason for an annulment is the lack of consent. Consent isn’t possible due to age, mental incapacity, intoxication, force or coercion, or fraud. Parties under sixteen years of age require parental consent. If consent wasn’t provided, an annulment is granted. Click here for more details divorce attorneys in Thiensville, WI.

Impotence is used to acquire an annulment if the spouse was unaware of this condition. Equally, an existing and legal marriage is another cause that achieves an annulment.

In Wisconsin, divorce petitioners must comply with all applicable laws. These laws identify residency requirements to fulfill before submitting a motion. They also define the divorce grounds allowed in the state. Select conditions could also warrant an annulment when possible. Petitioners who need help should hire Divorce attorneys Thiensville WI by contacting the Fraker Law Firm S.C. today.