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Getting Down to Business Law

No matter your industry, there are rules that govern that industry. From health care to real estate, from banking to hospitality, it can be difficult for a layperson to keep up with the latest regulations. A Dubai lawyer with a concentration in law for your specific industry can be a valuable source of advice and support.

Health Care

Patients rely on their doctors to take care of them, but who takes care of the doctors? Hospitals and private practices can benefit from guidance concerning patient liability. This guidance can help health care professionals remain confident that they are compliant with the standards of care set by the industry in their area and can be a great asset when resolving any disputes that might arise.

Real Estate

Real estate developers, contractors and construction teams often need legal advice about their projects. No one wants to pour an immense amount of time and energy into a property only to have the project fail. An attorney with experience in property law can walk real estate professionals through the ins and outs of property acquisition and commercial sales transactions, as well as provide litigation services when necessary.


Finance regulations and expectations vary across cultures but must also be in accord with international law. Islamic finance is complex, and banks are responsible for maintaining Shariah compliance. A Dubai lawyer can assist banks with advice in various areas of finance, including loan structuring and capital markets.


Hospitality is a broad industry that overlaps with various other sectors of the business world. It is not enough to get sound advice on service standards. Business owners and investors in the hospitality industry must also comply with regulations in real estate, insurance, and employment law. An attorney can help settle disputes that arise as these business arenas intersect and can give astute guidance on various issues of liability within the industry.

The Cornerstone of Your Industry

No matter what industry one’s business falls under, business owners are responsible for complying with the laws that regulate that industry, whether they be international, national or local laws, and these regulations can change more rapidly than a layperson can keep up with them. As ignorance of the law is not an excuse for failure to follow it, it could be helpful to have a Dubai lawyer on your side, guiding you through your ventures in the UAE. This guide could provide the knowledge and tools necessary to establish a solid cornerstone of compliance on which you can build a strong, successful business. Browse the website for more information.