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Reviewing Extenuating Circumstances Managed by a Divorce Lawyer in Boone County, IL

In Illinois, divorce cases may involve additional issues that are connected to other cases. They can also present complexities that could present at the same time major issues for petitioners. These circumstances must be managed properly to ensure that the divorce goes through without serious issues. The following is a review of extenuating circumstances managed by a divorce lawyer in Boone County, IL.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

Domestic violence cases are often associated with divorce proceedings. They may require protection orders for the victim and lead to more criminal charges for the defendant. It is these violations that can provide the plaintiff with additional assistance in acquiring a divorce. The violations can also lead to an extended period in which the defendant is in the county jail or how long they may spend in prison after the divorce.

Reports of Abuse or Risks to Children

Any report of abuse or risks to children can affect child custody arrangements. The state and child protective services will conduct an investigation of these allegations. If they find evidence, the child cannot live in the home in which the attacker or defendant identified in the report. This helps parents to acquire full custody of the child.

Criminal Actions and Incarceration

A spouse that is convicted of a crime can provide divorce grounds for the petitioner. If they are sentenced to a term of at least two years, their spouse can file a divorce petition based on their conviction. All they need is the court documents showing the duration of the prison sentence.

Infidelity and Prenuptial Agreements

If a spouse is unfaithful, evidence to support the claim is necessary. Cases in which a prenuptial agreement was issued can present leverage for collecting more assets. The terms of the agreement may provide provisions based on this divorce ground.

In Illinois, divorce cases can be connected to other cases such as criminal cases. These circumstances may require additional steps and make divorce more complex. If the divorce is based on allegations of domestic violence or other risks, the state can issue a protection order. Petitioners with a more complex case can contact a divorce lawyer in Boone County, IL through the Crosby Law Firm today.