How a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City Helps People Without Cash Reserves

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Bail Bonds Service

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The U.S. legal system seems stuck in the past when it comes to bail for pre-trial release. Compared with other first-world countries, the nation sends a significantly higher percentage of people to jail before their trial date, and it also charges higher bail amounts for release. This makes it very difficult for poor and working-class citizens to afford bail. A Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City offers a solution. For a percentage fee of the bail amount, the company posts a bond guaranteeing payment of full cash bail if the individual skips town. The person charged with a crime now can maintain his or her freedom before the court date, which would seem to be an inherent right associated with the concept of being considered innocent until proven guilty.

The practice of posting bail in the form of money or property goes back centuries. The cash or property is returned to the individual as long as this person shows up for trial, even if the verdict is guilty. The system is skewed dramatically in favor of people with relatively large bank accounts, since they can afford to pay bail. Lower-class citizens may have trouble coming up with even $1,000 to regain their freedom. That’s where a bail bond company in Oklahoma City can help.

Depending on the situation, a bail bond service may require collateral in addition to the fee. This guarantees that the company won’t lose money if the person skips town and doesn’t appear for his or her court date. Collateral might include real estate, a lien on the title to a vehicle, or valuable jewelry. Sometimes a person who has been arrested does not have any of these assets. A relative or close friend might be willing to provide the collateral as a guarantee if this individual knows that the family member or friend is trustworthy.

The fees vary depending by state, as states set the maximum amount that can be charged for bail bonding services. Some states prohibit these services, which can make situations very difficult for people who cannot afford bail. In Oklahoma, a service like Ken Boyer Bail Bonds is ready to help. Schedule an appointment by phone or visit the website.

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